a more INTELLIGENT approach to ground service equipment management

How can we help you go Beyond Finance?

The greatest achievements always start by asking simple questions. Learn how Somerset’s comprehensive list of services and unique approach to equipment management can help decision makers like you think bigger and go beyond finance.

Leasing & Finance

Somerset offers flexible long term leasing and finance solutions enabling you to make more of each budget dollar while staying on the cutting edge of technology and equipment efficiency. Starting with financing for asset needs under $100,000 reaching to even the complex long term lease structures for needs $25,000,000 and beyond, Somerset has been a reliable and competitive source of capital in all economic cycles.

Equipment Sales & Short Term Rentals

Ground service equipment needs reach beyond the boundaries that traditional finance companies can solve. Whether it’s the acquisition of a used generator to supplement your inventory or renting a few airfield buses for a short term terminal relocation, Somerset offers comprehensive equipment solutions to supplement your equipment needs.

Sale/Leaseback & Asset Disposal

Whether a comprehensive fleet or single unit sale/leaseback or assistance with the sale of surplus/end of life assets, Somerset offers a wide variety of options to monetize your equipment, improve cash flows and optimize asset utilization. These solutions represent a unique and effective approach to funding projects that may have appeared out of scope.

Appraisals & Consulting

Leverage our unrivaled experience in ground service equipment and technology. From appraisals for insurance needs to consulting services that allow you to build proactive life cycle management approach, our staff has decades of experience working with manufacturers across the spectrum to position your company for success.

Maintenance & Refurbishment

Somerset Aviation provides our clients with refinancing options to refurbish their older assets to bring them back to zero time condition. As a terrific solution to affordably extend life cycles of a variety of ground service equipment asset classes, count on our experts to show you how these services can reduce maintenance and operating expenses while preserving precious capital budgeting dollars.



Our team is ready to help you take a different, more intelligent approach to your ground service equipment management